Büren I am currently looking for a job as an Adidas model, since the tech industry is not so interested in grey haired ladies. If I can’t make a living off of modeling, I’m hoping to create some income from coaching. I’m here to coach in any way I can… I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt that I’d like to share with you. Tennis, guitar, basketball, soccer, running companies, doing art therapy, (just to be clear, I’m not a therapist… more of a consumer) building database software, running non-profits. I wish I could say cooking, but I don’t think anyone would want to pay me for my awesome microwaving experience.

Covey Quote

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen R. Covey


Michele McGeoy
Coach / Social Entrepreneur/Business Strategist

An entrepreneur from an early age, McGeoy got her first taste of operating a business at age 11 running the school store. Years later, Michele’s most prolonged business adventure was Tailored Solution which developed database software for law schools. Over 40% of the law schools around the country used her software, with clients including Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. After ten years she sold the company and with proceeds from the sale, founded a non-profit called A.S.A.P. to address the mounting digital divide. She also sat on the boards of United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth, where she did national media work fighting a tax system that favored the wealthy.

She then founded RH Solutions, (RH stood for Robin Hood). The concept was to develop relationship management software for Law Firms and then to give the program to nonprofits. She developed an innovative socially responsible investment model where the investors were willing to take a lower return in order for the employees to buy them out. Unfortunately, the vision was too ambitious and half the employees wanted to get rich off of the internet bubble and the other half was committed to our social vision. This created a divide that caused us to burn through investment dollars too quickly.

Exhausted and discouraged from this failure, Michele retreated to her basement with a meditation cushion and a yoga mat to do some deep soul searching. After 4 years of yoga, meditation, art, energy work and therapy, she headed off to Israel to do a documentary about Terror in the world, Terror in the home and art as a healing tool. With 40 hours of profound and intense footage, McGeoy decided that the time was not right for this piece to be birthed.

She needed a 9 to 5 job and started working for Real Goods as a design technician. She quickly saw that the eco-divide was just as prevalent as the digital divide.

She founded Solar Richmond in 2006 to bring the economic advantages of the emerging green economy to her community. As the first non-profit in the country to offer a Green Jobs training program, the organization was an immediate success with the media and was featured in Time Magazine, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS and many local media sources. At the time, Richmond had the highest per capita murder rate in the state and Chevron was its biggest employer. After losing a student to violence, McGeoy developed an innovative program for young adults to learn sales and custom service skills while also learning to regulate their nervous systems. The “Trauma Sensitive Workforce Development Program” partnered with Berkeley Community college and received major funding from The California Endowment. Unfortunately, a graduate of the program was murdered outside the building during a staff meeting and the trauma of working in gang territory became too much for McGeoy.

She then returned to the computer industry as a Salesforce Consulant and then worked at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center as the Director of Information Systems. After 2 ½ years of commuting from Richmond to Foster City she is a free agent again and looking for ways to bring her business and nonprofit management experience to the world.